Shema Koleinu

Where Everyone Can Celebrate Every Stage in Their Life

Getting married? Want to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah for your child but don’t belong to a synagogue? Don’t worry — we are here to help you through these momentous events in your life, without too many requirements or stipulations, other than a pure desire to have an authentic life cycle event, with caring clergy who want to help make your event meaningful, relevant, and inclusive.

Yes, the Jewish population around the United States is vastly unaffiliated. There are many reasons you may not belong to a synagogue, and while we believe that synagogues are very important to the survival of Judaism in a secular world — they don’t always meet everyone’s personal needs, and that is where Shema Koleinu comes in. We listen. We accommodate. We help our Jewish families find the meaningful, relevant connection to Judaism in ways that are important for them. One cannot be Jewish alone — we need a community to bond us together as Jews — but we also have the power to redefine community in relevant ways.

Perhaps community simply means family and friends gathered around one another to celebrate a momentous event. We believe that is certainly what community means, and we can offer you access to authentic Jewish rituals and lifecycle events, worship experiences, counseling, and many other resources we look to our clergy to provide. Shema Koleinu is led by warm, accessible clergy who are here to provide those services to you in the way you want them, with compassion and understanding.

We also have a very liberal view of community. Same gender couples and families, interfaith, intercultural, interracial — it does not matter. We are here for anyone who wants to connect with their Judaism. We offer conversion services, same sex weddings, Interfaith weddings, Baby Namings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Funerals, and more. Just call us and see how we can help you and welcome you.