Shema Koleinu

Helping in Our Community — Enriching Our Own Lives

At Shema Koleinu, we are so excited about our upcoming plans for community involvement this year. What started out as a bright idea by Cantor Debbi and her Hebrew School students last year has now evolved into full scale ideas to serve the needy in our local community. Last year, Cantor Debbi and her students decided to bring food baskets (shalach manot) to the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, for Purim.

Hebrew School StudentsHebrew School Students

The response was so positive, that we scheduled 3 additional dates to deliver food to the homeless — and what an amazing experience that was!

This year, we have great plans to deliver food to even more locations, to begin a mini-warehouse for food deliveries to the needy, and to form a post Bar/Bat Mitzvah youth group, called Mitzvah Makers, where our children will be supported by Shema Koleinu in their mitzvah projects in the community.

It is important to help our neighbors. In fact, it is a commandment from G-d, and one of the founding principles of Judaism to promote acts of love and kindness. If you have an idea for a project, or just want to get involved, please contact Cantor Debbi and let her know you would like to help. Sign up for food deliveries, or help start a community Mitzvah of your own — either way — get involved, and help us help our neighbors!