Shema Koleinu

Cantor Debbi Ballard

A Congregation for All

After several years of serving families as “My Personal Cantor”, Cantor Debbi felt compelled to establish a non profit organization whose mission would support what she felt in her heart. So, in 2011, she and her father, Rabbi Steve Spiegel founded Shema Koleinu — which means “Hear Our Voices”.

We wanted to provide an organization that supported outreach to unaffiliated families by providing what we felt were preventing them from belonging to traditional synagogues. We often heard that synagogues are too “business-like”, too demanding, too many rules, etc. Many people have a hard time balancing the religious organization with the business, and we felt that a brick and mortar establishment puts too much emphasis on money, and not enough on spiritual fulfillment.

So — we are carefree, and debt free! We provide worship experiences wherever one can imagine. How about a Shabbat at the beach? Or in your home with family and friends?  Or at a clubhouse or local venue? Whatever you might imagine — we can achieve! We want to provide community outreach, teach our students the value of Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam. We want to educate Interfaith and Intercultural families about Judaism, accentuating the beauty of our faith, and the meaning of being “The Chosen People”.

We believe that worship can happen anywhere, as long as it is authentic in your heart. We believe that when we truly pray authentically, our voices are heard. We believe it is a privilege to be a Jew, not a burden or obligation. So come see what is possible at Shema Koleinu. We look forward to serving you!