Shema Koleinu

Shema Koleinu. Hear Our Voices.

We have listened, and we have heard. Heard that many feel disconnected in their places of worship.  Heard that many need a place of worship that is all inclusive. That reaches out to the least common denominator. That truly welcomes and engages anyone who wishes to connect with their Jewish heritage. That reaches out and embraces non Jewish partners, treating them with equal respect in all manners. That truly embraces the divinity in every person, without judgment or exclusion.

A Welcoming Community

We have created a new style of community. We are not defined by membership dues, or even contributions. We are defined by a simple desire to be a part of something warm and wonderful. ACTION is the only criteria to belong. Come. Participate. Sing. Pray. Learn. Be.

Join Us

We are clergy who understand the real world. People are our business, and we are here for you, no matter what you are seeking. Participate with us in community Shabbat & High Holiday services, come to us for lifecycle events, participate in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) through community outreach and Tzedakah/Mitzvah events. Come for a day, come for an event – no membership necessary — just come, and feel what Judaism can be when we all come together for simply the purpose of building better lives for ourselves and our community. We listen, we hear.