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Proud To Be…5773

September 13, 2012Debbi BallardServices0

In just a few short days, Shema Koleinu will bring it’s 2nd High Holy Day experience to South Florida, and I’m as nervous today as I was a year ago, but this time, for different reasons, completely.

Last year, I had no idea what to expect.  Would we sell seats?  Would I be able to cover my financial commitments?  What would people say?  Would they like our services?  Would they be offended by our upbeat, unconventional nature?  Would they…like me?

Well, 5772 came and went in a flash!  Before I had a second to even have my first doubt, I walked in to the Miramar Cultural Center, and saw that beautiful stage, and knew instantly we would be a success.  Even if we had only sold a ticket or two, the fact that we made that production happen would be a success all by itself.

And then Yom Kippur was over.  And the minute it was over, I wanted to do it all again.  My friends, my family, strangers I had never met – all showering my Dad and me with the most amazing praise.  We did it, we made it happen, and best of all – we loved every single second of it.

I couldn’t wait to do it again – I just didn’t realize time would fly by so quickly, and now, here I am.  No – here WE ARE, because along the way, I added a few people to the organization, and we are on a roll!

This year, I know exactly what to expect.  We’ve sold more seats already than we did last year.  The financial commitment is covered, and so far – NOBODY has been offended.  In fact, word is spreading and we are on our way to changing the face of Jewish worship.

So – why on earth would I be nervous?  Because I have the lives of Jewish children in my hands.  Because for the first time in my life, I truly feel that I might actually be able to make a difference in these children’s lives, and in the Jewish faith.  That’s a huge responsibility, but for the first time ever, I know we can do this.  Maybe it’s not nerves, and just raw, boundless enthusiasm and excitement, but whatever it is, my heart is beating, my brain is racing, and I cannot wait to get to that stage.

This year, we expect more than 500 of South Florida’s unaffiliated Jewish and Interfaith families, and it all started with a dream.  It was my dream to show them and their children that being Jewish is fun.  It’s a privilege.  And, it’s a priority.  We will welcome 5773 together, in a new style of Jewish worship, and I will know that every person, every child, every friend is leaving my service with more than they came with.

That is a privilege.  That is an honor.  Bring on 5773.

L’Shanah Tova,

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