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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Shema Koleinu High Holy Day Services 2013/5774

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We could write all day about why we love our High Holiday Services, but we figured there is no better way to tell you than to seek out one of our congregants to help tell the story! In this blog post, Melissa Ferber, from Weston, tells us why Shema Koleinu is her favorite place to be for the High Holidays and for all her Jewish community connections.

Spotlight on: Melissa Ferber is an avid member of the Shema Koleinu community. Melissa lives with her husband, two children, and two terriers in Weston, Florida. She is originally from New Jersey and loves to travel.

What was your connection to Judaism before Shema Koleinu?

I think I am typical of many Jews in Southern Florida. My family and I were members at a Reform temple in the area. I sent my kids to Jewish preschool, but ultimately felt like I wasn’t getting anything from the establishment.

How did you get involved with Shema Koleinu?

I first met Cantor Debbi Ballard about 5 years ago through temple, where Debbi was also a congregant. After my mother in law passed away, I was looking for a change from the traditional synagogue environment, and through word of mouth, was introduced to Debbi. When we spoke over the phone, she was exactly the warm spiritual leader I was looking for. She had me at hello.

Can you describe your impressions of Shema Koleinu and Cantor Debbi?

Through Shema Koleinu, Debbi has truly created a congregation without walls. She brings people together whether it is though High Holy Days services, community Shabbats, the Mitzvah Makers program (a post B’Nai Mitzvah youth group for children to earn service hours), book clubs, lunch and learns, and Torah study.  My whole family is active in the Shema Koleinu community – my children became bar and bat mitzvahs with Cantor Debbi, we attend her High Holy Day Services at Miramar every year, and she is our 24/7 spiritual leader. I am honored to call Debbi a close friend.

Cantor Debbi Ballard greets a member of the Shema Koleinu community

What about High Holy Day Services?

Debbi’s High Holy Day Services at Miramar Cultural Center is unlike any other High Holidays services you’ll ever attend. My favorite moment is when Debbi first comes out singing from the back of the room. There is a certain drama and beauty to that moment, and the whole service is as captivating as a Broadway production. Debbi is so inspiring and engaging with her words and her song that even the children don’t want to get up for a bathroom break!

Cantor Debbi engages her children congregants – everyone is included and gets the opportunity to participate.

What are the top 5 reasons to attend Shema Koleinu High Holy Day Services?

  1. High Holy Day Services are a great way to turn over a new leaf and start fresh with another New Year. Everyone gets up and starts singing along and dancing. Debbi leaves you feeling inspired, and looking toward the future with hope. I can’t imagine a better way to bring in the New Year.
  2. The community breakfast afterwards is a great way to connect with the rest of the Shema Koleinu community. Everyone brings something to the table, there are plenty of bagels and fish, and Debbi’s blintz soufflé is amazing. My signature dish is a spring salad – it’s my mother in law’s recipe, a mixture of cottage cheese and fresh vegetables.
  3. Debbi is the most positive spiritual leader you’ll ever meet. She is always encouraging you to better yourself.
  4. The Shema Koleinu community is extremely open and welcoming to new people, including unaffiliated Jews, interfaith families, and the LGBT community.
  5. Debbi does a great job of blending the traditional and the new. If you’re looking for something special this year, I would highly recommend High Holy Day Services with Shema Koleinu.

Cantor Debbi Ballard and her father Rabbi Steve Spiegel stand in front of Miramar Cultural Center

To purchase High Holy Day Services tickets through the Miramar Cultural Center, please visit And be sure to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and contact Cantor Debbi Ballard directly at with any questions you may have about this year’s High Holy Days and how you can get involved.



Proud To Be…5773

September 13, 2012adamServices0

In just a few short days, Shema Koleinu will bring it’s 2nd High Holy Day experience to South Florida, and I’m as nervous today as I was a year ago, but this time, for different reasons, completely.

Last year, I had no idea what to expect.  Would we sell seats?  Would I be able to cover my financial commitments?  What would people say?  Would they like our services?  Would they be offended by our upbeat, unconventional nature?  Would they…like me?

Well, 5772 came and went in a flash!  Before I had a second to even have my first doubt, I walked in to the Miramar Cultural Center, and saw that beautiful stage, and knew instantly we would be a success.  Even if we had only sold a ticket or two, the fact that we made that production happen would be a success all by itself.

And then Yom Kippur was over.  And the minute it was over, I wanted to do it all again.  My friends, my family, strangers I had never met – all showering my Dad and me with the most amazing praise.  We did it, we made it happen, and best of all – we loved every single second of it.

I couldn’t wait to do it again – I just didn’t realize time would fly by so quickly, and now, here I am.  No – here WE ARE, because along the way, I added a few people to the organization, and we are on a roll!

This year, I know exactly what to expect.  We’ve sold more seats already than we did last year.  The financial commitment is covered, and so far – NOBODY has been offended.  In fact, word is spreading and we are on our way to changing the face of Jewish worship.

So – why on earth would I be nervous?  Because I have the lives of Jewish children in my hands.  Because for the first time in my life, I truly feel that I might actually be able to make a difference in these children’s lives, and in the Jewish faith.  That’s a huge responsibility, but for the first time ever, I know we can do this.  Maybe it’s not nerves, and just raw, boundless enthusiasm and excitement, but whatever it is, my heart is beating, my brain is racing, and I cannot wait to get to that stage.

This year, we expect more than 500 of South Florida’s unaffiliated Jewish and Interfaith families, and it all started with a dream.  It was my dream to show them and their children that being Jewish is fun.  It’s a privilege.  And, it’s a priority.  We will welcome 5773 together, in a new style of Jewish worship, and I will know that every person, every child, every friend is leaving my service with more than they came with.

That is a privilege.  That is an honor.  Bring on 5773.

L’Shanah Tova,

Our Shema Koleinu Prayer Book


Shema Koleinu Featured In Local Press Magazine

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Check out Shema Koleinu in the September issue of the Miramar Town Times Community News Magazine!  An article by Julie Levin highlights the upcoming High Holy Day services to be held at the Miramar Cultural Center, as well as the story behind Shema Koleinu.  You can read the digital copy of the article by clicking here and flipping to page 16!

The High Holy Day services are to be held September 16-17 and 25-26. The cost is $99 for adults; $72 for college students/seniors, $36 for children under 18. One ticket grants entry to all services. For ticket information, visit www.miramarcultural or contact Cantor Debbi Ballard at or 954-646-1326.


New Jewish High Holiday Service Welcomes All

September 6, 2012adamServices0

Red Rooster Group
Travis Flores/ Jenna Stasiewicz
Howard Levy

New Jewish High Holiday Service Fills Void for Hundreds of Jews in South Florida

A new Jewish High Holiday service is enabling spiritual and cultural connections to Judaism outside of mainstream congregations in south Florida. Shema Koleinu, “Hear Our Voices,” will bring the community together to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur through prayer and song at the Miramar Cultural Center, September 16-17 and 25-26.

The organization’s services provide an opportunity for Jews who are not religious to find some connection to their heritage and sense of restoration in their life. Cantor Debbi Ballard and Rabbi Steve Spiegel lead the inclusive family-friendly worship services in a way that is understandable, relevant, and fulfilling.

Ballard, who has served as a cantor for several years, believes in the empowerment and discovery of Jewish roots for allboth unaffiliated, interfaith, intercultural and LGBT individuals and families. Unlike most Jewish worship services, Shema Koleinu holds their services outside of synagogues. Debbi views the High Holiday as an opportunity to reach out to those who do not feel connected to other Jews in a place of worship.

“We are creating a space where all people can feel welcome,” says Cantor Ballard. “Our goal is to provide a spiritual connection and home for Jews and interfaith couples that have not found the environment elsewhere.”

The Shema Koleinu High Holiday services are just one example of Cantor Ballard’s initiative to provide quality community outreach, lifecycle events, and Jewish education for unaffiliated and interfaith families and individuals throughout southern Florida. She continues to recognize needs that traditional synagogues are not meeting, including officiating Jewish and interfaith weddings. This High Holiday, she plans to bring as many people together through prayer and song as Torah stories come to life, prayers are shared, and spirits are renewed for the year to come.

Tickets are available now for purchase through the Miramar Cultural Center box office. For more information on the services, visit

Date: September 1617 and 25-26, 2012
Time: 7:30 PM (evening services), 10:00 AM (morning services)

Tickets: $36$99
Venue: Miramar Cultural Center 2400 Civic Center Place, Miramar, FL 33025



Here comes year #2!

August 13, 2012Debbi BallardServices0

Last year, we launched our first-ever High Holy Day Services at the Miramar Cultural Center.  We had no idea what to expect, but we knew we had a great foundation of an unaffiliated community and needed to serve them with a spiritual, uplifting service that they would love!

Looking back, we accomplished so much last year.  We hired a great pr firm to design our website, purchased a great deal of technology and equipment, hired a great accompanist, and then went about creating a service we thought would be original and inspirational.  It was a huge risk, for sure.  I put my life on the line for the cost of an 800 seat theater, and could have been left holding a very expensive bill if nobody had shown up!

But, as with all things, when you have that feeling in your gut, and know that if you “build it, they will come” – it all follows suit.  And by the time we walked off the stage last year, I was so sad it was over, and so overwhelmed with what an amazing experience it truly was!

So – this year – we’re back!  With plans to go from 400 to 600, we have made some minor changes in the services, hired a percussionist, and my friend Janie Grackin will be joining us as a 3rd clergy member, and storytelling extraordinaire!

Our Broward County community has grown again this year!  I have over 90 kids in a Hebrew School program, and this year I will have performed over 35 B-Mitzvah ceremonies for my families, along with even more weddings.  My Dad, Rabbi Steve, has gotten so busy in Mexico that he’s about to take a 6 month “leave” from SK to serve the destination community in Playa del Carmen.

But first, we’re planning our “best year ever”, by continuing to serve our West Broward community with a positive message for HiHos, a year of hope and inspiration, of friends and families, of joy and happiness, and of our love of being Jewish, and our faith in God.

We cannot wait to see you – to shake your hand, or give you a hug, and welcome you to our services whether you are returning or attending for the first time.  Please drop me a line and let me know you’re coming – I want to greet you personally!

See you in September!